Located at Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, Promol is among the leading Producers of Quality Candles in Europe.


We can look back on a 40 years of history of making quality candles; we started in the city of Caldas da Rainha and moved 1982 to a large 3 ha site in the Zona Industrial of CdR.    A small local factory grew into a large successful multinational group of ALG Holding A.B.


Within the group Promol is a large and reliable, service oriented manufacturer for large European and world wide retail stores, discounters and drug stores. Using our creativity and flexibility we develop and produce articles in line with consumer, customers and market needs.    

We produce in an industrialized and partly automated factory high volumes of pillar candles, table candles, tea lights and filled containers in numerous designs, colors, shapes, fragrances and decorations. Our strengths are also assortments ready to go into the stores. 


We produce own brands of the group (GIES, ASP, Liljeholmens) but also many white label products for large outlets. Main success factors are:   large capacities in modern factories in Europe,  modern fashionable up-to-date products and product development and a constant high quality.


Our production is certified and produces high quality candles according to the European Quality Label  “RAL-Quality-Mark” RAL Association of Quality Candles ( meeting high standards regarding environmental and health.


About US


Holding: ALG Holding AB in Malmö, Sweden


Company: Promol - Industria de Velas, SA


Administrator: Hans-Juergen Bopp




Promol has between 135 and 280 employees in Caldas da Rainha. The European Group employs about 500 persons.




Supermarkets chains, DIY outlets, discounters, drug stores, Cash&Carry, Furniture stores




Promol is member of SEDEX and is certified acc to SMETA social compliance standards. We also care for the same standards with our suppliers world wide, and also member of the European Candle Association ECA ( )



The Group:





Portugal – Production and Local Sales

Promol Industria de Velas SA

Rua José Libânio, LT12 - Zona Industrial

2500-758 Caldas da Rainha

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Germany – Production, Marketing and Sales

GIES Kerzen GmbH

Beim Zeugamt 8

D-21509 Glinde

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Denmark - Marketing and Sales


Hammervej 7

DK-2970 Horsholm

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Sweden – Production, Marketing and Sales

Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks AB

Box 905

572 29 Oskarshamn

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1976 Promol was founded  in Caldas da Rainha, operating from a small factory

1982 the factory moved to the actual site in the Industrial Zone, now with the major capital held by 2 German private investors

1989 Promol became part of the European Candle Group and part of Midway Holding in Sweden, with 5 factories in Europe (Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland)

1995 the Swedish company Liljeholmens was added to the group

1997 the group is at the Stockholm stock exchange as Liljeholemns Group

1998 the group is integrated into the world wide Blyth Inc. Group, listed at the New York Stock Exchange who acquired the European Candle Group

2006 the European part of the candle group is integrated into a new company ALG Holding AB in Malmö Sweden, who took over from Blyth, INc.

2016 -  40 years celebration of Promol in Portugal


Photo of workers Promol during the construction of the factory in the industrial area.
Actual picture of Promol's workers